This is later people wear sandals without knowing


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    This is later people wear sandals without knowing

    Post by siba66 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:22 am

    According to the folk tale, people feet bristly, was initially, one of the eight immortals zhang guo3 lao3 plait. He wove the bristly both bottom and a face, and later people wear sandals but only bottom not face.Legend, zhang guo3 lao3 oneself are poor, he was home to the rich hills, and then do the snow boots[/i]. Zhang guo3 lao3 in rich family because of overwork and premature aging. Rich people watched zhang guo3 lao3 do hard work, and gave him a thin old donkey its out of the house.

    Zhang guo3 lao3 helpless, had to daily holding the old donkey, and went up into the mountain wood-cutters live. His that bare feet, often be thorns tie streaming with blood and panting hard ached. He had to use straw tied on the foot, can not walk without a few classic ugg boots, straw is loose open. Later, he was like a weaver similar with straw, horizontal have straight to bandage on the foot, but it also is not strong enough. After repeated experiments and improvement, he finally figured out will rub into play bristly straw rope, the method of the vamp still plaits. This can make the whole foot are covered. Both strong, and comfortable.

    Later, the rich know zhang guo3 lao3 actually the craftsmanship, then think that use it to make your own money, but zhang guo3 lao3 ugg bailey button no longer take his door. Fierce anger, with his rich it knocked out in the ground.

    Zhang guo3 lao3 of his wounds, bedridden. Through his near farmers to exchange bristly visit him. He realizes that he can't live for a few days, it is intended to call a million years to the craft of the lads. Wanted him to teach thousands of farmers, lest they again after ugg bailey button best price. Activating barefoot Can be taught only to finish bristly bottom at Ed, zhang guo3 lao3 is unfortunate into heaven, young man also didn't can learn woven straw sandals noodles.

    Grass shoe unto the ancestors is the infamous LiuBeiLiu XuanDe. According to legend, The Three Kingdoms period LiuBeiCeng absentee tian tian grain, the TunBing borrow his invention, woven straw sandals ugg classic short chocolate to local people, until today. Straw became cadastral tian local specialty, liu2 bei4 also by locals to serve as "straw father".

    Liu2 bei4 how became beat straw sandal of the ancestors? Old-time, various industries generally has its own chamber of commerce organizations, in order to meet with difficulties, peer interaction between can keep an eye. And every line will consecrate a decent, can give the industry, in order to increase the glory of the ancestors "ancestors reward to eat for rice, everything of peace".

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