According to the Chinese history


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    According to the Chinese history

    Post by siba66 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:32 am

    Abdomen wraps up is the essence of traditional costume culture. It is ancient woman boudoir appeal of additive and he who denies all confesses all, desire. The four BiYueXiuHua ChenYuLaYan said known as ancient Chinese beauty of Yang is the inventor of the abdomen wraps up, it was she who first wear up classic ugg boots wraps up, make wear abdomen wraps up as a popular style. "Abdomen wraps up" on the various dainty embroidery, red as "abdomen wraps up" common color.

    Ancient China, the most famous underwear to calculate abdomen wraps up. "Abdomen wraps up" namely wipes bosom, are known by citing a reinterpretation of "mask", it is the chest canopy of ancient women wear in most close-fitting place underwear. With true ugg bailey button.all the classic romantic amorous feelings, the modern people heard "abdomen wraps up" total have a few odd thoughts daydream, but silk ZhangMu folk collector, said is not simply to raise ancient woman wearing the abdomen wraps up, man and children also wear, and from four months beginning, everyone almost lifetime without abdomen wraps up.

    It's a long story about abdomen wraps up, and its source can be traced back to the early open when the chaotic heaven and earth. Nuwa and fuxi sibling two people in the whirling intermarriage, having children after the flood, ugg classic short the original human dress - abdomen wraps up, the purpose is used to cover the human body shame.

    According to the Chinese history, its origins can be traced back to the most by BC in 818, zuo zhuan "ChenLingGong and KongNingYi do father has reached to summer 姖, all 衵 uniform, with its shadow.molecules towards drama into." Here said the 衵 clothing is melee ugg ultra tall size, also may be the abdomen wraps up later. The pre-qin says "prize", han call "hold abdominal", popular in jin and southern and northern dynasties. Also is said to hide her abdomen wraps up is Yang and troops stationed liaisons trace of invention.

    The things JiYuan record on the imperial concubine, ", refers to claw namely is abdomen wraps up. Folk also is said YuHanShi, single woman since abdomen wraps up because of fear of being rude man bullying, so the cloth chest, again with tape department to behind, called "earthbind chest".

    As for verifiable record, song when abdomen wraps up is popular, to the most prosperous in qing dynasty. From ZhangMu raise collection of more than 300 pieces abdomen wraps up to see, no matter how changes its pattern, pattern is various, always take off not how the front surely protect a chest and stomach, behind certain of empty style, very much like modern contemporary women summer wear scoop-back armor, but abdomen wraps up in material and workmanship on different.

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