Shoes for us? In the Netherlands


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    Shoes for us? In the Netherlands

    Post by siba66 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:36 am

    According to the Roman law, who if dare wear the same pair of shoes, he was banished, lose all property. Some of the Roman rulers of his subjects wear shoes color and adornment is very picky and ole benign emperor had tiffany bracelet that in addition to himself and his successor outside, anyone forbid to wear red shoes. Hector Rio GaBa Ruth the emperor forbade any women use gold and jewels make shoes adornment, besides the nobility of the highest rank of female outside.

    Shoes can not only reflect the status, but also very can show a leader's philosophy. Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826 by burnouf) in 1801 as us 3rd President, his foot terengganu tiffany earrings with shoelaces Oxford shoe getting the presidency. "Oxford shoe" vamp is very low, early in the 371-380 years by Oxford University student introduced. But then shoelace is still fresh - so Jefferson appeared drew some sensation. Jefferson and don't want to outshine the rest in fashion field, he is just a 1789 1785 to minister to minister as us by brand-new when the revolutionary spirit of the influence just.

    The Frenchman has abandoned silver clasp belt, switch to shoelace, because they think it more "democracy". Military boots had also used as tiffany jewelry, when the French napoleon (1769, took power - 1821) in 1804 self-appointed for emperor, the Pope pius vii hosted a ceremony, he has led the shoes in a completely new trend.

    Napoleon particularly appreciate the art of Roman empire and clothing, like most front high boots had major knee, but is cutting it a little shorter behind, easy to walk. To keep the necessary light, boots, cover it with special grease and wax mixtures of lighting, are not allowed to have a sends dark spots. 1815 British at Waterloo a sickening tiffany co earrings napoleon, at the British army's the duke of Wellington was unexpectedly, said he was able to succeed in military, mainly because of his soldiers to belong to "European shoes is the best". Like napoleon is same, Wellington boots is a mystery

    if a man hit by lightning, his family member must quickly will all his shoes are buried up so that they can prevent the spread of the supernatural, The old man alleges wax for stomach the best cures, is to eat an old shoes tongue; In Madagascar, people believe that wear monkey leather slippers can treat silvertiffanyjewely diseases, Italy's mother like in children's shoes fasten red bowknot, transfer the devil's sight to ";" In China, the New Year wear new shoes means the beginning of new life.

    In the fairy tales shoes more amazing, it can not only like the boots at staples of hero that help overcome this steep journey taking wealth, also can resemble "seven's boot" that used to coaxing the devil, witches and vast thieves, Some shoes every step will have coin gushed out, and some shoes are putting people despair; "Cinderella" of crystal shoe that she found her prince charming, while the red shoes "in the red shoes makes it UGG bailey this master overdrink themselves ran towards death.

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