A pair of shoes can take us to where


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    A pair of shoes can take us to where

    Post by siba66 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:38 am

    Let us return to 100,000 years ago, see the human first pair of shoes what causes it.That is the south coast of Africa, from the Indian Ocean near river estuary, the sith carat there are said to have cave a group of "double ugg bailey button sapiens" -- in Latin name, they will not only some salted animal fur creatively to wear in the body, will also bark, large leaves and bundles of weeds etc with a cane or tough long bale at their feet. In modern speculated that this was the earliest "shoes", although very not wear-resisting, but because handy and appear very practical and convenient - it's unusual requests by bringing the civilization ages repeatedly confirmed.

    Later, people and invented the sandals ", a hand-made shoes with the oldest. Although varieties drab, but archaeological discoveries, then sandals or appeared two kinds of paragraph ugg classic short: one is the palm, papyrus or weeds knot and become, to plant fiber made rings set in the toe. These shoes from North America to kramer, indians, history preparatory rock in there can be found everywhere, The second form of shoes from processed leather the cutting edge in the above along a piece, drilling, then put on a strap, belts can be like rope as taut, fixed on my feet. These shoes, Boots have some had an UGG in Peru andes, a ugg ultra tall size tomb dug up - according to estimation, this only sandals for thousands of years of history. Others are now fashionable gens put on the streets -- have to admit, fashion wind restoring ancient ways that "unearthed" many good things.

    The same sandals why can appear in apart so distant place? Sociologists believe that as the earth's climate change, a mass migration in every corner of the primitive earth included music families, their home from the people you meet along the way there copied the shoes way. Grey UGG Boots in the next 15 years, the egyptians developed their special cardy ugg boots, in these hieroglyphs, we finally find out about sandals written records. That is 9 years old 1334 years BC, the Egyptian king tutankhamun, when, relevant records then appeared "sandals" pictographs, looked like an ellipse plus two shoelaces. Tutankhamun, after the king's death, their bodies were made in abomination mummy, objects, there has shown ladysnowboots.info/coachbags 3000 years of exquisite sandals. Those buried his people seem to believe that these shoes will help the king to continue his journey in the world.

    As for boots, we can produce in a picture of 27 years ago on the mural that see the earliest records of catches the WangErShi, speaks SaGen its soldiers, captures chariot expansion YanShu empire &co.ltd. territory scenes. Compelling, screen everyone wears decorated with lace boots. Hundreds of years later, the ancient greeks Spartan shoes is more imagination, those red Boots, and dazzling concolorous coat sleeve, UGG Nightfall Boots can cover the wound out blood. This red boots soon in a frenzy of Sparta youth popularity.

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