Deeply NBA basketball resources


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    Deeply NBA basketball resources

    Post by sisy001 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:53 pm

    Special sports events, is another major focus of sports brand. Basketball, Peak and Anta in the 2010 action is not small. Last year early in August, announced the signing NBA Anta winner Kevin Garnett fourth in rebounding. This year the summer, the Olympic and Anta NBA athlete at leveraging was the respective activities of the Chinese line, gucci outlet online off a climax of NBA marketing.


    Pick the players two years ago has successfully organized team activities in China, causing enormous repercussions. Taste the sweetness, with the hand has a strength of 12 contracted players, Olympic champion last year launched the NBA players Ron Artist led six players line-up, expand in China, larger and more active content . The first "PEAK TEAM" star about to start a 10-day trip to China, tread footprint of 20 cities, throughout the north and south. The activities held in several cities, including charitable donations, on-site signings, basketball camp, basketball and activities the park opened. ANTA Rockets from the previous year, three players signed after the investment is also in hot pursuit of the NBA. Back in early June last year, ANTA Scold on with its contracted players to Shanghai World Expo tour started momentum. Garnett was also signed with the ANTA is to start in the summer "for the basketball, the election of China," the 8 days trip to China.

    Involved in special sports events Tennis in the last year, several major brands suddenly become the new competition for the project. September 2010, has been committed to the market's main Olympic basketball declared International Women's WTA Tour professional network cheap gucci shoes an official partner of the Asia-Pacific Region, while Olympic also signed players from Belarus Olga Gowon special WTA Cable baby. Cooperation during the Olympic company received production, sales, marketing WTA-Olympic gucci mens wallet line of clothing franchise rights, and for the players developing a series of high-end products, including clothing, footwear and related accessories.


    Also heavily into was tennis ERKE and Anta. Guangzhou Hanging Park is the sports brand in the tennis market into the first, the biggest brand. Last year, ERKE new signing of the German players were Snell and tennis star Tommy Rob redo of Spain gucci sunglasses and Peer Mei Seer race in last year's Wimbledon tennis champion won the men's doubles. ERKE has become the first man appeared in grand slam finals stadium sports brand in China. ERKE new contract last year, there are Belgian teenager Wick Mayer, which this year is also doing well in international competitions. In the event sponsorship, following the 2009 Shanghai ATP1000 master hand after the game, Super Star Park this year, sponsored the "Madrid Open Tennis" and "Abu Dhabi World Tennis Tournament."


    Serbia's signing from the previous year, a "Chinese girl," said Elena Anodic, the ANTA tennis last year, increased marketing efforts. Said Bali WTA Bank of the crown last year, the top Open, Anodic won 12 career titles, help Anta shine. ANTA has also signed belt cheap player Zhen Jive, China's athletes. Marathon sports brand in recent years much of Guangzhou of all ages. Three Six once sponsored the 2010 marathon and China, Kinsmen Shanghais International Marathon, sponsored Anta 9 cities in the country at the same time linkage of the "24th Olympic Day Run" activities. In addition, the Olympic sponsor a bike "marathon" road bike race.

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